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Keiser University In Orlando

In Orlando or the surrounding area, are you looking for career-focused education? Learn more about Keiser University in Orlando. In business, criminal justice, health care, legal, and information technology, among other professions, we offer associate, bachelor’s, and graduate degree programs.

Our campus is just minutes from downtown Orlando, off of SR-408 (East-West Expressway) intersection of S. Semoran Blvd and Lakeshore Clifton Road.

Our departments with full-time professionals on our Orlando campus can provide you with the help you require. Entrance, management, academic support, student services, and banking sectors are among these departments. Our campus provides a fantastic academic atmosphere in which to pursue your professional ambitions. We include large classrooms, computers, and medical labs, a library with computers, a student lounge, and a student services information and career center. Our on-site parking is also available to you.

Explore the professional life education you’ll need to succeed in the future! Experienced professors, program-specific teaching equipment, and a friendly, student-centered environment are all available at Keiser University – Orlando.

Degree Programmes Introduced by Keiser University 


In an increasingly challenging business, professional accountants are in high demand. There are several work prospects in both public and private companies for this rising industry. Keiser University’s Accounting Master and Bachelor of Arts programs prepare students for jobs in accounting. These programs are designed to give students the accountancy and communication skills they’ll need to thrive in this competitive sector.

Criminal Justice

The Master of Education program in Criminal Law with a Forensics Concentration is also available at Keiser University’s Palm Beach County Flagship Residential location. A Forensics focus is available to students who want to learn more about forensic pathology techniques and investigations, and also the scene of the crime protocols. Deviant behavior, protective services, enforcement agencies and inquiry, victimology, private security, corrections, and juvenile justice are just a few of the topics covered.

General Studies

By combining courses from qualifying fields into a coherent program, students can build a course of study that matches their specific academic goals while also advancing their learning and growth. The program mixes general education classes with multidisciplinary electives to give students a well-rounded education.


A histotechnician collects and prepares biological material for diagnostic evaluation in medical laboratories. The Histotechnology program at Keiser University is aimed to instill a passion for patient care while also teaching students how to function as medical professionals.

Information Technology

The Associate of Science in Information Technology from Keiser University prepares students for entry-level positions in connectivity management, programming, or cybersecurity. Students in each of the concentration levels take courses that prepare them to take industry-accepted proficiency exams.

Medical Assisting

You might be a good fit for Keiser University’s Associate of Science in Medical Assisting program. Keiser University can assist you in preparing for a fulfilling career in health care by molding you into a vital member of a dynamic, health-focused team.

ASN, Nursing

You will analyze, plan, and administer direct patient care as well as contribute to health care teams in this tough and rewarding career. For qualified registered nurses, there are several work options in a range of healthcare settings.

Paralegal Studies

Keiser University’s Associate of Arts in Paralegal Studies will ready you for a quick, fascinating career. You will learn the skills needed to work as a paralegal in a range of environments as a Keiser University student.

Crime Scene Technology

You might be interested in a career in crime scene technology. Nothing beats knowing you played a role in convicting a criminal or maybe saving the life of someone who was wrongfully imprisoned. At Keiser University, you’ll learn from industry experts who have logged thousands of hours in the field. As a crime scene investigator, you’ll act as an impartial third party who evaluates and collects evidence in the hopes of apprehending and prosecuting criminals.

Exercise and Sport Science

The Fitness and Sport Science bachelor’s degree program is meant to educate learners to complete health and fitness exams, follow persons with exercise regimens, and create lifestyle changes for clients. Fitness and training, bio mechanics, motor development, and adaptive and innate immune to exercise will all be covered.

Health Services Administration

The evolving healthcare market is creating the importance of health management specialists with both business and health care experience. Keiser University’s Foundation and Bachelor of Arts programs in Health Services Administration are practical and career-focused, preparing students for a range of health administration professions.

Homeland Security

Will you wish to contribute to the defense of our country? A constant danger to national security necessitates the hiring of skilled safety and security personnel around the country. The career-focused Affiliate and Master of Education degree programs in Homeland Security at Keiser University equip learners with the skill sets they need to assist maintain the safety and resiliency of local, state, and federal institutions.

Medical Administrative Billing and Coding

Medical billing and coding specialists are critical to the healthcare business. If you want to work in health care but don’t want to interact closely with patients, Keiser University’s Master of Science in Healthcare Administrative Billing and Coding will assist.

Medical Laboratory Technician

Technologists are vital members of the medical team that perform specialized analyses on blood and bodily fluids, providing vital knowledge that enables doctors to detect, treat, and diagnose diseases. Graduates are capable of performing laboratory tests in clinical chemistry, hematology, urinalysis, clinical microbiology, immunological, and antibody test by standardized laboratory methods.

Occupational Therapy Assistant

Consider a job as an allied health assistant if you are a passionate and kind person who enjoys working with others. Keiser University’s Master of Science in Occupational Therapy Assistant program prepares students for careers in this rapidly increasing area.

Radiology Technology

Specialists perform diagnostic imaging exams on patients and collaborate with radiologists and physicians to diagnose and treat injuries and illnesses. The vocationally Master of Science in Radiology Technology graduate program at Keiser University provides learners with and skills they need to succeed in this exciting field.

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